Casual Friday: Cute little ice boats !

cute ice cube boats photo

Ice boats bearing Kardinal Marine's colors

Today is Friday, and we thought we could talk about something different for once. We are going to teach you how to make ice boats!

This is an original idea from


1. Gather what you need: a plastic cup, a bendable straw, tape, paper, scissors, and a hole punch.
2.Bend the straw, tape the short end to the bottom of the cup

tape the straw - making ice boats

3. Fill the bottom of the cup and let it freeze

fill the cup and freeze it - making ice boats

4. Once frozen, run water on the outside of the cup to loosen the ice
5. Cut a sail from construction paper (preferably blue and red, Kardinal‘s colors) and use a hole punch to make to holes for the straw

place the sail on straw - making ice boats

6. Place the sail on the straw, and enjoy your little ice boat :)

enjoy your cute boat - making ice boats

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